Quantum Transformation Creating Our Emergent Reality 

2-Day MARK course, channelled by Jonette
Helsinki, Friday & Saturday, March 25 & 26

Translated into Finnish

The world as we know it is changing rapidly… technology, climate change, scientific breakthroughs, terrorists, global interdependence…

• Are you ready to be more flexible, powerful, wise, confident and selfdirected?
• Can you feel the urgency to strengthen your spiritual skills and become more conscious every day? 

• Are you ready to use your expanding sense of divinity to be of greater service?

For 26 years Jonette has been channeling the cosmic spirit teacher ‘MARK’. Together they teach you to expand beyond duality and fear, moving to the higher planes of grace, love and divinity. MARK guides you to experience yourself as a multi-dimensional being.

• You learn to choose from vast potentials to create your life to be happy and purposeful.
• You will experience the Quantum Void the 8th dimension or ‘zero-point,’ feeling stillness that reconfigures you.

• You will explore the higher dimensions of all probabilities, learning to choose only the highest and best for yourself and humanity.

• Through guided meditations you will travel through the higher dimensions, updating yourself and restructuring your consciousness to be the New Human that you’ve been waiting for.

• We will work with the 9th dimension of multiple manifest realities—learning to use these new skills and make new choices that were never possible before.
• We will once again know ourselves as Creators — using the tools of our greater self.

This is the time of emergence… awakening, a time of breaking through all old limitations. We entered the cocoon as a caterpillar and now it is time to burst free as a butterfly! Jonette’s workshops are always on the cutting edge of what is possible for you to achieve, pushing open the boundaries of human consciousness. The processes and the talks are channeled in the moment, unique for the people who are present. If you are tired of the old you, using old tools and following old patterns please join us to see what is possible!

“The experiences will be powerful. Imagine having a tremendous, mystical encounter in which you feel joy, bliss, oneness and harmony beyond description. When you come back from that, you will know that a supreme change has taken place. You are not the same person and cannot be.”   Channeled by White Eagle—describing MARK’s work.

Course Details

Country: Helsinki, Finland
: Friday & Saturday, March 25 & 26
: Registration 9AM, Workshop 9.30AM to 6PM

: Balderin Sali at Aleksanterinkatu 12, 01700 Helsinki
: 295€ for the 2-day course (270€ for early bird ending Jan 29)
: Heidi Nyström, hlm.nystrom@gmail.com, or tel. 040-5887807

: Translated into Finnish Cancellation
: All payments are non-refundable. However, they are transferable if you should find someone to take your place.


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